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    Guy 18 February 2021

    J’ai des Minerva Eco Stud d’hiver sur une Mazda 6 et une Yaris Berline…… Des pneus ultra silencieux, très doux sur la route, agressifs dans la grosse neige, un bon freinage sur glace et neige durcit. QUALITÉ/PRIX IMBATTABLE

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    Arnest Sebbumba 07 December 2020

    I like the minerva eco stud tires. All 4 installed on my vehicle, driving smoothly in the snow.

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    Patrick 06 October 2020

    Very good winter tires – Minerva Eco stud

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    Al 24 September 2020

    I drive a Porsche Cayenne turbo hybrid in Germany. Normally I don’t care about tires but since I did a try I won’t change my mind any longer. I have the Frostrack UHP XL 295-35-21 for the second time. I prefer to Thorpe them away per season but to have the best performance. All supreme brands (Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, etc.) are not worth the price. I drive mostly at the limit in Germany, way above 250kmh in any condition. I have at least 10 emergency full breaks per winter season, from full sped down to zero due to traffic, someone’s accident, etc.. but I had never any issue with this tires, never. Maybe it’s the 2.2 tons of SUV weight making the difference to normal sedan but the stability in curves, under wet conditions and in snow is outstandingly magnificent.
    I have the feeling that lots of reviews and test are pure fake, because always some few brands are good. I hope this winter I have again my fun.
    Thanks to this product….

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    BilboFraggins 13 February 2020

    In Nov 2014 installed Iceplus 220 on a 2013 BMW X6M…I just replaced them with the same after solid performance over 5 east coast winters. Good product, no complaints at all.

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    Chase 26 October 2019

    Pretty decent tire, only reason I didnt give a full 5 star is that I left Cooper tires to try this brand. They performed well, but wore faster than my Coopers did. If you’re looking for a good budget tire without sacrificing performance, the Minerva Ecostud is a great tire, but wont outlast your high price tires.

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    Chika 07 October 2019

    Based on the reviews, i decided to go with these tires. I just had the Eco Stud tires installed on my Mercedes B250 4matic. I noticed that the tires were really quiet and soft. However, the tires seemed to be slipping a lot on any type of bends or turns (slow speeds and highway speeds). This happens on wet or dry roads and is a bit scary at the least. I am not sure if this is normal, but I have reached out to the tire dealer and they said they have never heard of this issue before. I might have to change the tire just out of safety concerns. It would be good to hear from Minerva to understand if this is normal or not. Minerva doesn’t have a phone number or contact center for me to run these questions by them this is part of the reason why i rated this tire a 1 star.

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    Arnauld 05 August 2019

    Good quality/price! Will buy again

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    Chris M 28 August 2018

    The Ecostud tires are by far the best value winter tire I have put on my car. Price was way below the other big name brands and he preformance in deep snow and on ice was right there along with other tires I have paid way more for in the past. Would recommend to anybody!

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    Roy 24 August 2018

    Excellent performance for a value priced tire. The Ecostud is my winter tire of choice, and with a 50,000 km treadwear warranty, it will be for quite some time!

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    Thomas Muir 24 August 2018

    Wow i drive a two wheel drive ford ranger and the minerva eco studs are the only thing that get my truck moving in the snow. They grip like an x-ice bu are less then half the price!!!!!! And im going into my third winter with them.

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    Mark 24 August 2018

    Tire is better than the low price they sell for. I’m impressed with both the allseason and winter tires.

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    Chris 24 August 2018

    Bought a set of MInerva Ecostud tires from the shop I deal with, based on price. Am pleasantly surprised at how they handled the snow last year. On top of that, they had a $30 mail in rebate!!

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    BASTIEN 24 August 2018

    I’m presently running on a set of Minerva Eco Stud for the winter and they are awesome ! Nice grip on snow and ice but at the same time very quiet ! I highly recommend those tires !

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    Stephanie 22 August 2018

    I would like to recommend the Minerva tires! Good price and good quality- what more can you ask for….

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    Ed 21 August 2018

    Great tires. Great price. Smooth and quiet ride. Would recommend to family and friends.

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    Mike 21 August 2018

    Great tires for the price. lasted longer than I expected. would recommend