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    Michelle 28 August 2018

    Bought a set of Minerva Eco studs. Great winter traction and price.

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    Chris M 28 August 2018

    The Ecostud tires are by far the best value winter tire I have put on my car. Price was way below the other big name brands and he preformance in deep snow and on ice was right there along with other tires I have paid way more for in the past. Would recommend to anybody!

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    Roy 24 August 2018

    Excellent performance for a value priced tire. The Ecostud is my winter tire of choice, and with a 50,000 km treadwear warranty, it will be for quite some time!

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    Thomas Muir 24 August 2018

    Wow i drive a two wheel drive ford ranger and the minerva eco studs are the only thing that get my truck moving in the snow. They grip like an x-ice bu are less then half the price!!!!!! And im going into my third winter with them.

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    Mark 24 August 2018

    Tire is better than the low price they sell for. I’m impressed with both the allseason and winter tires.

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    Chris 24 August 2018

    Bought a set of MInerva Ecostud tires from the shop I deal with, based on price. Am pleasantly surprised at how they handled the snow last year. On top of that, they had a $30 mail in rebate!!

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    BASTIEN 24 August 2018

    I’m presently running on a set of Minerva Eco Stud for the winter and they are awesome ! Nice grip on snow and ice but at the same time very quiet ! I highly recommend those tires !

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    Stephanie 22 August 2018

    I would like to recommend the Minerva tires! Good price and good quality- what more can you ask for….

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    Ed 21 August 2018

    Great tires. Great price. Smooth and quiet ride. Would recommend to family and friends.

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    Mike 21 August 2018

    Great tires for the price. lasted longer than I expected. would recommend